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The name of this organization shall be Patriot Oaks Academy PTO (Parent Teacher Organization), commonly known as POA PTO. The organization was originally formed in April, 2014. The mailing address for the corporation is 475 Longleaf Pine Parkway, Saint Johns, FL 32259.


The purpose of the POA PTO shall be to encourage and enhance the educational experience of our children, teachers, and administration. In doing so, we will foster a sense of support, pride, and enthusiasm through the creation of family activities, volunteer based programs that support our teachers, children and parents.


Section 1. Any parent, guardian, or other adult standing in loco parentis for a student at the school may be a member and shall have voting rights. The employees of Patriot Oaks Academy and the SJCSD Board Member for area ***** may be a member and have voting rights.

Section 2. Enrollment of Members. The organization shall conduct an annual enrollment of members, but new members may be admitted to the organization’s membership at any time.

Section 3. Dues, if any, will be established by the executive board. If dues are charged, a member must have paid his or her dues before the meeting to be considered a member in good standing with voting rights.

Section 4. Members in Good Standing. Only members in good standing of the organization shall be eligible to vote in its general membership meetings or to serve in any of its elective or appointive positions. Good standing of membership means the member is current only if any applicable dues are paid according to their level.

Section 5. Privacy. Use of personal information (email, phone number, address) shall be limited to requests for volunteer activities and distributing PTO information. At no time shall parent email be used by the POA PTO for monetary solicitation. Parent email addresses may only be used by PTO with permission, as granted on the membership form or other written form. The directory is intended for the personal use of students, staff and parents of Patriot Oaks



Section 1. Executive Board

a. The Executive Board members of this organization shall be President, Co-Vice Presidents (of Membership and Fundraising), Corresponding Secretary, Recording

Secretary, Treasurer, and Business Partnership. Each executive board member holds

one vote.

  1. The principal and/or assistant principal(s) of Patriot Oaks Academy shall serve as a

    non-voting member of the executive board.

  2. Executive board shall be elected by popular vote and installed annually as defined in

    section Article IV, Section 2b. However, if there is but one nominee for any office, it shall be in order to move that the corresponding secretary cast the elective ballot or call for a voice vote of the organization for the nominee.

  3. Executive board term is defined as one year, beginning from installation date through the end of the following school year. (It is in the interest of the organization for an executive board member to remain in their elected position until a successor is elected or appointed, although this is not a requirement.)

  4. An executive board member shall have a student currently attending Patriot Oaks Academy, have attended at least one general PTO meeting and have been a participating volunteer at the school.

f. It is recommended that both elementary school and middle school parents be represented on the executive board.

Section 2. Nominations and Elections.

  1. There shall be a nominating committee composed of at least two members, one chosen from the executive board and one from the general membership, to be elected by the organization at the January general PTO meeting.

  2. The nominating committee shall advertise upcoming elections for PTO Board, nominate eligible persons and report its nominees at the general meeting in March, at which time additional nominations from the floor may be made. Election of these nominees shall take place prior to April 15th. Installation of the new officers shall be completed at the General PTO meeting in May. The outgoing and incoming executive board will work as one until the end of the school year.

  3. Only those persons who have signified their consent to serve if elected shall be nominated or elected to such office.

Section 3. Appointments. A person appointed by the president and approved by the executive board members shall fill a vacancy occurring in any office for the unexpired term. If there is a vacancy in the office of president, the remaining PTO Board Members will vote to elect one of the Co-Vice Presidents to fill the vacancy.

Section 4. Vacancies. A vacancy shall be declared to exist in an office should its holder miss three consecutive board meetings without good reason or approved by the executive board.

Section 5. Removal from Office. Any elected executive board member who fails to perform his/her duties may be asked to resign. Should he/she refuse, he/she may be removed by a majority vote at the next Board meeting.


Section 1. The Executive Board Members of this organization shall be President, Co-Vice Presidents (of Membership and Fundraising), Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary, Treasurer, and Business Partnership.

All Officers shall:

a. Attend all board and general meetings. Absence will occur with good reason only on a limited basis.

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  1. Come to meetings prepared and actively participate in discussions, planning and decision making.

  2. Attend and help with all PTO functions and events.

  3. Represent Patriot Oaks Academy and POA PTO in a positive and professional manner.

  4. Will receive a key code to the PTO office and maintain the security of said key code.

  5. Maintain a file of their work to deliver to their successor including but not limited to

    records, documents, contact information, etc.

  6. Oversee and guide their assigned committee chairs, ensure that assigned committees

    are completing tasks and performing responsibilities. Report to the board on the

    standing of all assigned committees during board meetings.

  7. Use PTO materials and supplies in a responsible manner and only for PTO purposes.

    Return all supplies in the same condition to the same location. When storing items in

    the PTO office do so neatly.

  8. Ensure a smooth transition for newly appointed committee chairs. Collect and review

    files to be delivered to new chairs.

  1. Submit all reimbursement forms to treasurer within 30 days of the expenditure and by fiscal year end and within budgeted amounts, otherwise the request may be denied.

  2. Coordinate with treasurer regarding contract renewal fees.

  3. Read, understand and sign Appendix A (Conflict of Interest) of these bylaws

Section 2. Duties of the President:

  1. Preside over general PTO meetings and board meetings.

  2. Serve as the official representative of the PTO at meetings outside of the organization.

  3. Perform all duties required to effectively plan for, operate, delegate, measure, develop

    and achieve the goals and objectives of the POA PTO.

  4. Delegate appropriate duties to the elected officers.

  5. Coordinate the work of the officers and committees so the objectives of the PTO for the

    year may be accomplished.

  6. Recruit, place and organize committee chairpersons.

  7. Be a member ex officio of all committees except the nominating committee.

  8. Exercise contract-signing authority for the POA PTO.

  9. Co-sign or initial all POA PTO checks with treasurer.

  10. Be the primary contact for the principal and/or the administration.

  11. Ensure a smooth transition of power to newly elected board officers.

  12. Review files and all information to be passed to newly elected officers.

  13. Review and renew the POA PTO insurance policy annually.

  14. Certify Appendix A (Conflict of Interest) of these bylaws

  15. If co-presidents are elected, responsibilities of section 2 will be split among co-

    presidents as they deem fit.

Section 3. Duties of the Co-Vice-Presidents (of Fundraising & Membership)

a. Identify fundraisers that maximize profits for school.

  1. Schedule fundraisers in coordination with the school calendar.

  2. Advise and assist the fundraising committees.

  3. Ensure that all fundraisers are approved by the executive board, school administration

    and district.

  4. Inform the president and treasurer of all fundraising progress.

  5. Provide fundraising updates at all board and general PTO meetings.

  6. Consult with treasurer the financial plan of all fundraisers.

  7. Carry out presidential duties in the absence of the president.

  8. Promote membership across entire school.

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  1. Create and maintain a master PTO membership log and report information to PTO President and Board as required.

  2. Create and keep current all non-electronic membership applications and information.

  3. Coordinate Annual membership drive for the school.

  4. Collect all dues and report to PTO president and Treasurer as required.

  5. Provide PTO membership information to welcome committee for all new families.

  6. Develop and create PTO membership levels and present to PTO board for approval.

  7. Work with business partnership coordinator to add incentives to the different

    membership levels and have these approved by the PTO executive board.

  8. Consult with treasurer the financial plan of all membership dues.

  9. Responsibilities of section 2 will be split among co vice-presidents as they deem fit.

Section 5. Duties of the Corresponding Secretary.

  1. Prepare and issue ballots.

  2. Keeps a calendar of events for the PTO and provides calendar to Webmaster.

  3. Insures that members are communicated with. Common methods include:

  •   Broadcast email

  •   Bulletin boards. Keep in contact with the bulletin board chair to make sure

    these are kept current.

  •   PTO newsletter. Coordinate with Newsletter chair and administration

  •   School newsletter. Make sure PTO news itemssuch as meeting reminders,

    thank-yous, and fundraising resultsare included in a school newsletter.

  •   Local media. Build a relationship with the reporters who handle local news in our area. Provide public relations articles for media sources. Write articles as

    needed for school publicity.

  •   Correspondence. Prepare notes of thanks, sympathy, inquiry, etc. as needed on

    behalf of the PTO board and with approval of the board.

  1. Order custom letterhead, thank-you notes, etc. as approved by the board.

  2. Create a directory of the board

  3. Post roadside signs and use the school marquee (*if approved) to get the word out about

    PTO meetings and PTO events.

  4. Create folders for all new committee chairs

  5. Keeps the PTO’s public relation Composition Guidelines up to date

  6. Update any pages of the PTO website as necessary if the PTO Webmaster is unavailable

    or unable.

Section 6. Duties of the Recording Secretary.

  1. Maintain a complete file of all approved minutes, agendas, and materials distributed at the general PTO meetings; by-laws; Articles of Incorporation; Standing Rules; Appendix A, Conflict of Interest; Membership Lists; and any other necessary supplies and brings them to meetings.

  2. Keep Robert’s Rules of Order, the instructions about the content and format of an

agenda and minutes, as well as helping to guide meetings run under Robert’s Rules of

c. Keeps various supplies stocked and organized for the PTO office.

  1. Take minutes at board meetings, type them up, and distribute them to the other board

    members in a timely fashion, either by paper or electronically.

  2. Tally all votes and ballots.

  3. Type up the agenda for the general PTO meeting, as developed by the board. Send to

    president for approval. Then photocopy or send to Webmaster to be posted on PTO website.

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  1. Take minutes at all PTO general meetings and forward to Webmaster for electronic posting.

  2. Prepare the sign-in sheet and set out nametags at general meetings.

  3. Create and distribute nametags for volunteers at events.

  4. Reserve space and arrange the room for the general meetings.

  5. Certify Appendix A (Conflict of Interest) of these bylaws.

Section 7. Duties of the Treasurer.

  1. Monthly Tasks:

    •   Post all financial transactions to our financial system as they occur throughout the


    •   Create monthly PTO Treasurer reports.

    •   Reconcile the checkbook.

    •   Write checks as needed (two signatures and proper paperwork required).

    •   Make deposits in a timely fashion, as needed.

    •   Keep financial transaction forms available for all volunteers.

    •   Provide information to Webmaster related to financial performance of PTO and/or

      budget related summaries for insertion into monthly PTO newsletter.

    •   Contact individuals who have written “Non-sufficient funds” checks and collect reimbursement monies including any fees imposed by any financial institution.

    •   Be present at all functions of the organization or designate an individual to be present where funds are to be accepted and shall further be responsible for counting, balancing and depositing at the bank of said funds in a timely manner. Two people are required to count cash money.

  2. Annual Tasks:

    •   Lead the annual budget development process during the summer executive board


    •   Present the budget for approval at the first general POA PTO Membership Meeting of

      the school year.

    •   File Form 990/990EZ, the annual IRS return required for 501(c)(3) groups.

    •   Renew our incorporation with the state.

    •   Authorize an outside CPA (Not related by blood or marriage to any member of the

      executive board) to perform an annual evaluation of the books. This must be

      accomplished prior to August 1st.

    •   Create & recommend bad check policies for approval by board.

    •   Create & recommend requirements for reimbursement of funds to other PTO


    •   Create specific forms required by board for reimbursement for an expense. Will

      obtain appropriate marketing/logo/branding from Corresponding Secretary.

    •   Prepare a year-end financial report by fiscal year end

a. Provide leadership for the program through recruitment of partnerships/sponsorships from local businesses using the established sponsorship package.

Deliver to the successor in office, all records in his/her possession by fiscal year end. The fiscal year of this organization shall begin on July 1st and end on June

30th of the following year.
All funds shall be kept in a checking account in the name of Patriot Oaks Academy PTO, requiring two signatures of the Executive Board and held at a local financial institution.

Section 8. Duties of the Business Partner Coordinator.

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  1. Maintain a professional relationship with all businesses (send correspondence of upcoming events, thank you notes, contract copies, confirmation of sponsorship agreement, follow up calls).

  2. Hold a meeting for our partners at school as a thank you for their support.

  3. Hold a high standard of ethics with regard confidentiality of business partners and our


  4. Attend the county training course for business partner leaders.

  5. Remain as the sole PTO contact to business partners.

  6. Up hold all basic responsibilities that are promised to each partner within their


  7. Must consult with treasurer the financial plan of all business partnerships.


Section 1. Executive Officer Meetings. There shall be at least four (4) executive board meetings

of this organization during the year. There will be at least one (1) officer meeting for each committee chair conducted by the executive board member sponsor.

Section 2. There will be at least three (3) general membership meetings per school year. One week’s public notice including an agenda shall be given before a general membership meeting.

Section 3. Special Meetings. The executive officers may call special meetings with five days’ notice given to the general membership.

Section 4. Quorum. In any meeting of the organization, a majority vote by members in attendance shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A minimum of four (4) of the organization’s executive board members must be present.

Section 5. Membership Privileges. The privilege of holding office, introducing motions, debating, and voting shall be limited to the organization’s members who are members in good standing.


Section 1. Membership. Committees may consist of members and board members with the president acting as an ex-officio member of all committees.

Section 2. Committees. Committees will be created by the executive board as needed to promote the purpose and interest of the organization. The following committee categories shall be held by the organization: Fundraising, Hospitality, Membership, Communications and Family Events.

Section 3. Additional Committees. The executive board shall appoint additional committees as


Section 4. Each committee chair will be appointed for one year at a time. Each chairperson will be vested with a specific responsibility. Any chair or co-chair who fails to perform his/her duties may be asked to resign.

Section 5. Committee Chairs shall:

a. Be a PTO Member.

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b. Attend as many general board meetings as possible, specifically when your committee has upcoming events and updates.

c. Attend all functions and workdays associated with their given committee.

  1. Organize and utilize individuals who volunteer for their given committee.

  2. Represent School POA and POA PTO in a positive and professional manner.

  3. Inform the board member overseeing their committee of all committee meetings,

    happenings, progress and problems.

  4. Include board sponsor on all communication to committee members, parents and

    school staff.

  5. Use PTO materials and supplies in a responsible manner.

  6. Return all supplies in the same condition to the same location. When storing items in

    the PTO office do so neatly. Use PTO supplies only for PTO purposes.

  7. Maintain a file of committee information to return to your assigned board representative

    to be delivered to your successor.

  8. Be aware of committee budget and obtain approval from assigned board member

regarding budget. All spending must be approved by board sponsor and receipts are

required in order to receive reimbursement.
l. Advertise committee events through website, newsletters, and local news.

  1. Write articles following events for PTO newsletter and local publication to be submitted

    through corresponding secretary.

  2. Write thank you notes when necessary to individuals who have assisted your


  3. Agree to attend training sessions organized by POA or St Johns County that are deemed

    necessary to adequately carryout the duties of the position they have accepted.


Section 1. Budgeting. A tentative budget shall be drafted in the spring for the following school year and approved by a majority vote of the general members present at the First General POA PTO Membership Meeting of the School Year.

Section 2. Reporting. The treasurer shall keep accurate records of any disbursements, income, and bank account information in a timely manner.

Section 3. Expense Approval. The executive board shall enforce all expenses of the organization as stated in the approved budget. Any items not included in the approved budget, over $750 will be submitted to the general membership for approval via private ballot. The corresponding secretary will issue this ballot and the recording secretary will be responsible for collecting and tallying ballots with a general member and a POA executive board member.

Section 4. Appropriations All appropriation requests must be submitted to the executive board with a completed application.

Section 5. Signature Authorization. Two authorized signatures are required on all checks.

These signatures must be inclusive of the treasurer and president or co-vice presidents.

Section 6. Dissolution. Dissolution of POA PTO must be approved by a 2/3 vote of the entire general membership. Upon the dissolution of this organization, assets shall be distributed for one or more exempt purposes within the meaning of the Section 501 © (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or corresponding section of any future Federal Tax Code, or shall be distributed to the Federal government, or to a state or local government, for a public purpose.


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Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised, shall govern this organization in all cases in which they are applicable and in which they are not in conflict with these by-laws.


The officers may approve standing rules and the recording secretary shall keep a record of the standing rules for future reference.


Section 1. The Executive board shall adopt a conflict of interest policy as shall be necessary to ensure this organization remains in compliance with all law and regulation for the governance of tax-exempt and charitable organizations including compliance with the requirements for

organizations under section 501©(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Section 2. The initial Conflict of Interest Policy (and any subsequent as shall be adopted) shall be maintained with these bylaws as Appendix A


The organization may be dissolved with previous notice (14 calendar days) and a two-thirds vote of the entire general membership.


These by-laws may be amended at any general or special meeting, providing that previous notice was given at the prior meeting in writing and then sent to all members of the organization by the executive board. Notice may be given by postal mail, e-mail. Amendments will be approved by a two-thirds vote of those present at the meeting. The recording secretary will document the bylaw changes to the minutes and the president will ensure the bylaws are updated in a timely manner.


REVISED (4/7/2015)

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Important: In the event your check bounces for any event/item, you will be required to pay the original amount required and the bank fee within 48 hours.

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