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What are Smencils?

Smelly + Pencil = Smencil

Smencils are the finest smelling pencils you'll ever come across. There are over ten different scents and they make amazing student rewards! Not only are they made from rolled newspapers, but all components of the product are made from recycled or environmentally-friendly substances. They come in many fun designs, so we always have new options.

How can we get Smencils?

There are many opportunities to purchase Smencils for $1.  Smencils will be available at PTO special events.  Parents, grandparents, and friends also have the opportunity to purchase Smencil Grams, which are delivered to students' classrooms for special holidays like birthdays.  Students may also earn Smencils as incentives throughout the year.

Looking to order a set of Smencils for your child's class for a birthday or special holiday? Just print the order form and complete it for whatever number you need. Please give enough lead time for class sets so we can ensure that we have enough inventory.

We will be conducting quarterly Smencil sales at school during lunch.
Stay tuned to our FB page for upcoming sales.

Print a birthday gram order form {HERE}!

Important: In the event your check bounces for any event/item, you will be required to pay the original amount required and the bank fee within 48 hours.

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